Hello! I'm Karina, everybody calls me Kari.

I just opened this little space to share my passion for things I love as ootd's, beauty (makeup junkie right here) & colorful style. Through the years I've realized that most of the time my style includes pops of colors and it's a mix between high-end and affordable items. But at the same time it has been evolving since lately I've been picking more neutral and black (when before there was no a black item in my wardrobe)

In this blog "Style & Café" I hope I can share with you all these things we have in common in style while enjoying a cup of coffee ;)

Talking a little about me I have a career in Human Resources, work for a MFG TV Company as HR Assistant Manager, Happy newlywed & mom of 2 pups Ethan & Coco (french bulldog & boston terrier). Some saturdays I'm an English Teacher (I give classes for free so I think being a teacher is a passion too)

Here are some things you can find in this little space:
Friday Five (random faves of the week)
And some personal experiences in between.

But most of all I want to inspire you through everything you can find in this blog :)
To try new brands, to explore your style and being happy being YOU!

I hope you enjoy this little adventure with me.

So happy you are here! :)

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